Analysis Of The Poem ' Bueno Dias Senorita '

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The bright morning sun cascaded into the exquisite bedroom, the early light dancing onto the vanilla colored adobe walls. The climate was formidably arid, not a hint of moisture lingered in the air and still, no breeze dared stir this early spring day in southern California. Despite it being early May and early morning the temperature was easily loitering over 80 degrees. Yes, it was going to be horribly uncomfortable today. However the young Spanish woman whom resided in this often hostile environment languidly stretched upon rising from her slumber. She would have California no other way. She had been born here, a 3rd generation Californiano, the daughter of a grand ranchero who owned the famed Rancho San Rafael. The lovely Hispanic girl rose from her bed and gently strolled over to the window seat taking a seat and staring romantically overlooking the mint green landscape. “Bueno Dias Senorita.” An older voice echoed within the room as the heavy walnut door swung open. “Bueno Dias.” The young woman cheerfully replied, her eyes now closed as she relished the sunlight that danced upon her face. From across the room the older woman smiled in amusement, she had raised this young woman from infancy, and although not her mother, she enjoyed the girl’s company as if she were. “Your father is looking much better today. He has asked for your company this morning.” The matronly woman conversed warmly. The young Spanish girl smiled and turned her attention from the sunlight back

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