Analysis Of The Poem ' Ceres '

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Two whole months; that was how long it had been since Ceres’ had seen here daughter Proserpina after she left to go spend some time by the seaside while her mother worked. Ceres was tanned with gray hair and some wrinkles from working out in the sun, tending to crops. Proserpina had promised to be home within a month and a half to spend some time with her mother but Ceres had not seen nor heard from her. This causes Ceres worry that her daughter had not listened to her warnings and wandered into the dangerous forest all alone; so Ceres sets out on a journey to find her. After her journey to the seaside, Ceres finds the sea nymphs which her daughter had traveled with and ask them, “My daughter, Proserpina, has not returned home to me would…show more content…
The sound is loud and wakes the mastiff up causing him to run towards it, away from Ceres. As swiftly as she can, Ceres runs through the gates and away from where the mastiff stays. She quickly runs past River Lethe and straight to King Pluto’s Castle.
When she enters the castle she neither sees nor hears anyone so she decides to sneakily make her way up the jeweled staircase. She reaches the hallway at the top of the stairs and instantly hears a familiar voice singing in one of the rooms. She runs towards it, her heart beating as fast as it can from joy. She opens the door to the room and gasp as she sees her Proserpina sitting in the window. Proserpina stops singing and turns to see her mother; her heart instantly filling with happiness. She runs towards her and hugs her while saying, “Oh mother, I’m so sorry I should have listened to you!”
“I am just so glad I found you, I don’t know what I would’ve done if I couldn’t find you,” Ceres chokes out through her sobbing.
Proserpina pulls away and looks her mother in the eyes, “Mother we have to get out of here; King Pluto wants to keep me here forever.”
“Okay, let’s hurry down the staircase and get out of the castle.”
They both run as fast as possible down the staircase and make it into King Pluto’s garden when they hear him say, “Where do you think you are going with my dear Proserpina!”
They look up to see him

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