Analysis Of The Poem ' Chemo Limo '

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Chemo Limo Reading the lyrics to chemo limo did not give the same meaning as to when listening to the song. A sense of emotion came over when hearing the piano and Regina Spector’s voice. Looking at the lyrics while listening to the song gave a better understanding and drew a picture that can be seen as she is singing. These words could mean so much and listening to the song over and over is a must, to get a better understanding. The reference to money was interesting by saying Benjamin Franklin in the song, referring to a hundred-dollar bill. Looking more into what that might mean or what Spector is trying to say is, how money is needed for chemotherapy. She is faced with a difficult decision does she use money on chemotherapy or does she save that money and invest it into her kids wellbeing? It has to be a tough decision to make because the thought process has to be nobody wants to die, but the treatment is not always the answer to living also. Talks about insurance policies is also mentioned in the song. Another option for the women to look at and maybe consider. The doctor says “you’ll be ok, anyway” it is mentioned two times in the first section of the song. This must be the doctor trying to comfort the women and help trying to help her stay positive as he is giving her options on what can be done. When it is said the second time around the women’s reply is “And I smiled cause I’d known it all the while”. Right here the women’s mind is made up of what she wants to
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