Analysis Of The Poem Choices By Nikki Giovanna

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Do you feel that your movement is limited due to your appearance? Nikki Giovanna, author of the poem Choices, is an activist, writer, educator, and poet who originally published this poem in 1972 in a collection of poetry titled My House. Furthermore, Giovanna’s inspiration towards creating this poem is the Black Arts Movement, Civil Rights Movement, Equal Rights Amendment, and through her personal experiences as an African American female. This poem cornerstones the dilemma of the African American race.
The theme is based on the African American peoples’ experiences of limitation due to the pigment of their skin. Giovanna uses literary devices such as repetition, allusion, analogy, imagery, symbolism, and paradox. Giovanna informs
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Also, Giovanna speaks aggressively in the beginning of the stanza, but then falls into an appreciative tone. However, African Americans should not appreciate the way authorities creep around the rules to satisfy themselves while technically following the law. For instance, a company must offer equal opportunity of employment regardless of their race, religion, sex, disabilities, age, etc. Meanwhile, authorities offer all races employment, but decide the positions by appearance. “Minority applicants are often discriminated against before they even get their foot in the door. According to the CNN/Kaiser Family Foundation poll on race in America, 27% of blacks said they felt they had been denied a job they were qualified for compared to 20% of Hispanics and just 9% of whites.” Authorities would rather hire the African American to be the janitor than a Caucasian, and would hire a Caucasian as the next chief executive officer over a qualified African American. In the poem, Choices, the author Nikki Giovanna displays the life of an African American with facing man made limitations. African Americans have always been
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