Analysis Of The Poem ' Civil Peace '

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The prefix “post” in “post colonial literature” does not refer to time “after” colonialism, but to “place”, that is to say, places away from the metropolis, seen as marginal and that have been suffering the process of imperialism; after all, “it is not because the viceroy packed up and went back to Europe does not mean that things changed all that much in the so called post- colonial setting”
(2012, p. 285).
Civil Peace
Civil peace is a story based during the post- Nigerian Civil war. It begins a day or so after peace has been attained. The city that Johnathan the narrator of the story lives in is in a “every man for himself” situation. They oversee finding money, food, and a place to live for them and the family that they have remaining. Johnathan was one of the most positive characters of all the stories I’ve read on post- colonization in times when other men were falling as victim and felt defeated Johnathan became a survivor. He seems as though he must stay positive for his family and his children "He had come out of the war with five immeasurable blessings--his head, his wife Maria 's head and the heads of three out of their four children." (653) . Although he does reveal that he had lost a son to the horrendous war, He shows and immense amount of strength and diligence as he re-builds himself and his family. This all-in turn seems as though it is the best and only way to go about this renaissance of his environment. He has found his home still stand despite all the
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