Analysis Of The Poem ' Coal '

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Audre Lorde, a well-known poet, utilized her poetry to call attention over the political issues of class, feminism, sexism and racism for decades. These political issues are the symbols that transformed her into someone who is not just a woman, but a person whom clarifies these issues using poetry as a voice to define herself as a Black lesbian woman and an individual. The poem “Coal” is a poem that represents her ideals and her feelings towards being a voice among other feminists. It also shows her struggle as an individual that is caught between the issues of feminism coinciding with race, class, and sexism, which is also known as Intersectionality. Because of the attention being called from Lorde’s poetry, people should continue to recognize this political issue and utilize it to spread awareness of the prejudice and marginalization of today’s society. Lorde’s poem “Coal” tackles political views expressed from her experience as a Black feminist as she continues to struggle against labels and stereotypes. The poem is free-verse and has no definite rhyme or meter, except in this poem, there is little rhyme. This poem shows her personality and her willingness to be part of society’s norms. In the poem, the lines 3 and 4 (Lorde), “From the earth’s inside./ There are many kinds of open”, she mentions that she was trapped between the layers of the earth and her true self was underneath all of the labels and stereotypes (representing as the layers), given to her race by
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