Analysis Of The Poem ' Coca Cola And Coco Frio ' By Martin Espada

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Disappearing Culture Every single individual on this planet has their own distinctive identity and culture. Our culture helps us identify who we are and where we come from. In today’s world, it appears that cultural diffusion has become a normal part of everyone’s life as cultural trends, beliefs and customs spread quickly from one culture to another. In his poem, “Coca-Cola and Coco Frio,” Martin Espada provides his readers with a great example of cultural diffusion that a boy encounters when he visits his native country, Puerto Rico. The “fat boy” mentioned in the poem is none other than Martin Espada himself (3). By sharing his childhood experience in Puerto Rico, Espada tries to prove that acceptance of other cultures can have a negative impact as people incline to neglect their own cultural values and begin to bear a resemblance to other countries. As a child, Espada travelled from Brooklyn, New York to his homeland, Puerto Rico to visit his family for the first time. During his visit, Espada fears that Puerto Rican culture is vanishing and threatened by American values imposed on them due to the presence of American corporate powers. It is known that Puerto Rican culture is a mix of many cultures and is strongly influenced by Taino Indians, America, Africa and Spain ("Culture and Traditions in Puerto Rico"). During the Spanish-American War, Puerto Rico became the territory of the United States when it was conquered on July 25, 1898 ("Puerto Rico: A U.S. Territory").

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