Analysis Of The Poem ' Complaint Of God ' By Iqbal

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Chapter 1 (pg. 11-19): The chapter starts off with a few lines from the poem “Complaint to God” by Iqbal. Lenny Sethi, a five-year-old girl, and the narrator of the novel begins to introduce the settings around where she lives in the city of Lahore and some of the main characters. At this moment India is still pre-partitioned and is governed by the British Raj (rule). Later in the chapter Lenny is at the Mayo Hospital and it is evident that she has polio. Colonel Bharucha, her Parsee family doctor is treating her. The chapter ends with Ayah taking Lenny to the zoo. They meet Sher Singh, the zoo attendant, who is also one of Ayah’s admirers and Lenny talks about how she likes her limp because of the attention it gets her. Chapter 2 (pg. 20-26): This chapter begins with some discussion of Mother and Father’s relationship. They have been married for six years and Mother calls Father “Jan” meaning life. Lenny talks about the advantages of having polio, such as getting to sleep in her mother’s bed in the middle of the night. The next morning Ayah wakes Mother and tells her that something has happened to Papoo. Right away Lenny knows that Muccho has beat Papoo. Two weeks later, Papoo returns from the hospital and is feeling good again. Chapter 3 (pg. 27-31): Ayah and Lenny go to the Queen’s Park. There is a statue of Queen Victoria in the park because of the British rule on India. Here Lenny and Ayah meet up with many of Ayah’s admirers. Later that day, Lenny goes to Electric-aunt

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