Analysis Of The Poem ' David Sedaris '

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David Sedaris is an author, humorist, and comedian. He has published many books that contain his short stories and essays. He was named Humorist of the Year by Time magazine, and he also received the Thurber Prize for American Humor (David Sedaris, Radio Contributor, to Appear at Durham). Three of his works are “A Plague of Tics”, “Now We Are Five”, and “Our Perfect Summer.” Sedaris has a very particular writing style. His essays are generally about something he is close to, for example, his family. Growing up with two parents and five other siblings, Sedaris often makes his family or childhood the subject of his writing. Characters that are able to encompass a complete spectrum of emotions and maintain a sense of humor tend to make a connection with the reader. These characters are more realistic than a character that expresses a single emotion at a time and has a set of personality traits to stick to. He writes about his family and friends in a realistic tone. Sedaris also manages to portray them in an unbiased way. Sedaris gets his message across in a light and conversational tone. Even personal or heavy topics are dealt with casual language. He makes his writing funny; it is often packed with sarcastic humor. “A Plague of Tics” is about Sedaris’s relationship with his compulsive tendencies while growing up. Young Sedaris’s average day consists of a constant need of licking of light switches, tapping shoes on his head, kissing newspapers, and more. Each of these acts

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