Analysis Of The Poem ' Death Of A Soldier '

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Faaiza Ajmal
Webster Watnik
English 100 ONLINE
1 December 2014
Analysis: Death of a Solider
Louisa May Alcott served as a volunteered nurse during the American Civil War, which took place in the 1860’s. It was a brutal war between the United States and the Confederate states. Alcott documented the last days of a brave solider named John. The almost thirty year old "seldom spoke, uttered no complaint, asked no sympathy, but tranquilly observed what went on about him."
With the use of several changing literary parts in the essay, "Death of a Soldier," written by Louisa May Alcott, the writer 's remembrance of such a terrible disaster is a lot simpler to imagine and feel than if she had recited her tale dully and emotionless. The meaning of Louisa May Alcott’s, “Death of a Soldier” is obvious in its reason to accentuate the different responses of a person in relation to death, in addition to describing the more pleasing results of such a sad incident. She expressed her story by the use of vivid descriptions and similes in her essay. It made the readers in a way experience what she was going through.
In her story, Alcott showed the nurse’s sympathy towards John even in the case of his unavoidable death. She showed the soldiers’ unselfish mindset and added meaning to her words by using similarities. She used some key strategies that really brought life to her piece of writing, with the intention of inflicting an intense feeling that is able to move the readers. She was also
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