Analysis Of The Poem ' Death Valley '

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Death Valley Katilyn Patterson It was a hot day in Death Valley. In Death Valley there was Donna, Gina, Jenny. They couldn’t leave Death Valley because their car ran out of gas. So they saw,found a campsite with three trailer’s their and one trailer there was beer, and old can food. Another trailer had old strawberries, and a radio and they touched the radio and strawberries. The last trailer they found a sink and drunk the water first they said “it was hot water.”Then they say “it is the worst water i’d ever tasted but also the best.” Then it all happen they were stuck for days without a phone, a shower,bath. The next day at Death Valley Gina got sick so Donna and Jenny took care of her and they smelled where she got sick at. Donna hands were shaking because she thought Gina was going to die. Three days later she was still sick and then Jenny got sick. The next day Gina was feeling better but poor Jenny was still sick from Gina giving it to her. Then four days later Jenny was all better, so the three girls decide to go look to see if they could see anything that could help them get home. They couldn’t find anything not a phone reception or service or a airplane, or anybody. Then when the day begin to fall to night the girls lost the campsite so they didn’t sleep because they were scared they were going to get bite by the animals there and the hotness. Then it was morning the girls were walking around Death Valley the found the campsite so they all went in a trailer
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