Analysis Of The Poem ' Disabled, There Are A Number Of Key Themes

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In looking at the view of war presented in Disabled, there are a number of key themes. Firstly the perspective of the poet and how he presents his feelings about war is demonstrated in the language and structure of the poem. This includes the use of tone and rhyming scheme and erratic rhythmic structure. Secondly, the poem uses a single character as a key motif used to exemplify the characteristics of war. Thirdly, the use of a third person narrative reflects a significant distancing from the subject matter. Some violent imagery is also introduced to present the realities of war. Mainly the viewpoint of war is seen in its aftermath in the attitudes and feelings that remain after war and also through comparison with the times before the war. Each of these will be examined in turn in answering this question. First of all, the writer uses emotive language and imagery to convey the soldier’s innocence in contrast to the dark grey life of the soldier now. The phrase “Glow-lamps budded in the light blue trees” in the second stanza presents an antithesis against adjectives such as “dark” and “grey” in the first stanza. This antithesis gives the reader the impression that the disabled character had hope before he had spent time fighting in the war. Within the disabled character’s life, there was “an artist silly for his face”. This comment implies not only that the disabled character was attractive, but that the character also had the potential to lead a better life if he had not

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