Analysis Of The Poem ' Dog 's Death '

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Neglected and left for dead, man’s best friend shows the importance of never leaving its companion’s side. Under circumstances of weakness, mankind tends to put aside important factors of their daily lives and focus on themselves. However, a dog even when suffering internally, will put aside its pain and strive for its companions love and approval. Updike in the poem, Dog’s Death, uses the concept of diction, imagery, and symbolism to show readers the loyalty of a dog throughout its life no matter the circumstance that approaches its daily life. The author draws in readers through the use of diction to convey actions that show the better experience between a family and a loyal companion. The poem opens up using the statement, “She must have been kicked unseen or brushed by a car,” to explain how the family came along discovering the dog. Updike describes the way the dog’s physical state was at the time by choosing to use the word ‘brushed’. The choice of word used in this instance makes it seem as if the dog was barely touched. The perspective given from the story makes it seem as if it was inconsequential to the family that it would not affect the dog’s health in any way. Furthermore, in the second stanza, we learn now that an illness begins to behold the dog’s described in the line, “As we teased her with play, blood was filling her skin,”. The image of on running blood starting to drown the internals of this dog shows the weakness starting to
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