Analysis Of The Poem ' Dover Beach ' By Matthew Arnold

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Monelle Shuman English Lit 202 K. Morefield December 1, 2014 An Analysis of “Dover Beach” by Matthew Arnold Dover Beach is thought to be one of the best representations of the Victorian Period all together. It portrays the mood and tone of what the people experienced and felt at that time. Around the same time it was written, London had just experienced a massive boom in their population, growing from 2 to 6 million citizens. At the same time, London was becoming one of the first in the country to move towards industrialization, causing some to lose their jobs due to machinery performing them better and faster. People began to feel useless with technology taking over so quickly. Many suffered from the expansion during the early part, losing all hope of finding happiness and giving this moment in time a new name; “A Time of Troubles”. Many other authors, like Matthew Arnold, began writing their personal accounts of what they experienced or saw others experiencing, giving the feeling of melancholy. The reason why Dover Beach represents the Victorian period is because in the way Arnold wrote it, he didn’t ground himself or stick to one specific subject. He creates a mood by using a variety of images, metaphors, similes, and adjectives. The narrator seems lonely, not mentioning any other person around him. One of the other major problems being experienced during this time are also represented in this poem. That problem is the loss of faith. Because of the new developments,
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