Analysis Of The Poem ' Dream Deferred '

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The play illustrates the theme of the poem through the words, the words helps the reader to understand what can happen to dreams. What is a dream deferred? A dream deferred is what happens when life gets a whole of that dream. Sometimes dreams are able to manifest them but there are times when it dries up like a raisin in the sun. Each member of the Younger family has dreams that may come true or may the deferred. Lena, the mother of family always wanted a better place for her family, a better and bigger house where her grandson can have his own space. She also wanted to have a backyard where she can have her very own garden. Walter, the brother wants to own his own business but with the lack of money he is not able to accomplish those dreams. Even his wife Ruth wants a better life, a life filled with expensive clothes, cars and foreign places like the rich white folks. And then there is Beneatha, who is fill of life and aspirations, she’s young and vibrant and has her mind already made up that nothing is stopping her from accomplishing her dreams or will her dreams gets dried up and put on hold. Each member of this family will have an opportunity to see their dreams come true due to an insurance check the mother is receiving because of the death of her husband, the father of the family.
Even though, the play has been written over 40 years ago some of the issues and conflicts in the play still exist today. They are a millions of people who are currently in the
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