Analysis Of The Poem ' Elena ' By Elena Essay

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Name: Institution: Course: Date: Comparison Essay In the poem, Elena, the author conveys the main theme using the two main protagonists. The poem shows the feelings of a mother who has lost touch with her children, since they are no longer a big cohesive family as was the case in Mexico. All her children sang and engaged in sporting activities at their leisure time. The phrase “understanding every word they’d say.” is emotional and to some extent painful since she remembers the time she spent with her children and the good moments they shared together while in Mexico before they moved to America “But that was in México”, she is disappointed that the move to America does meet her expectations and instead they are drifting further apart. Her children became accustomed to the American culture and often communicated in English which their mother couldn’t understand as she says, “They speak English. At night they sit around the kitchen table, laugh with one another.”The mother feels alienated and isolated by her children, making her less involved in their lives. This was not the case when they were in Mexico before moving to America. In the line “I stand by the stove and feel dumb, alone” depicts disappointment and loneliness she misses the time she spent cooking for kids. She attempts to learn English as indicated in the line “Sometimes I take my English book and lock myself in the bathroom “so as to fit in her kids present lives. The ones, who have sex without

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