Analysis Of The Poem ' Elesin '

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Elesin is supposed to commit spiritual suicide by means of dance and music with the assistance of the Praise Singer, the drummers and the women who sing a dirge. Elesin is going to undergo a trance in which he will quietly kill himself. The Praise Singer helps him on: Elesin (his voice is drowsy) I have freed my self of earth and now It 's getting dark. Strange voices guide my feet. Praise-Singer The river is never so high that the eyes Of a fish are covered. The night is not so dark That the albino fails to find his way. A child Returning homewards craves no leading by the hand. Gracefully does the mask regain his grove at…show more content…
He confesses to his bride saying: First I blamed the white man, then I blamed my gods for deserting me. Now I feel I want to blame you for the mystery of the sapping of my will. But blame is a strange peace offering for a man to bring a world he has deeply wronged, and to its innocent dwellers. Oh little mother, I have taken countless women in my life but you were more than a desire of the flesh. I needed you as the abyss across which my body must be drawn, I filled it with earth and dropped my seed in it at the moment of preparedness for my crossing. You were the final gift of the living to their emissary to the land of the ancestors, and perhaps your warmth and youth brought new insights of this world to me and turned my feet leaden on this side of the abyss. For I confess to you daughter, my weakness came not merely from the abomination of the white man who came violently into my fading presence, there was also a weight of longing on my earth – held limbs. I would have shaken it off, already my foot had begun to lift but then, the white ghost entered and all was defiled. ( Soyinka, Death 71) Elesin has hesitated to commit the ' 'ritual

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