Analysis Of The Poem ' Evo Morales '

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If you would ask any Bolivian person, what does Bolivia mean to you? They all probably state: "Bolivia is our treasure!" And then they might finish with the statement: “Viva Bolivia!” which means live Bolivia. But again, what does Bolivia mean to you? What makes Bolivian so proud? Martín Sivak in his book: Evo Morales. The Extraordinary Rise of the First Indigenous President of Bolivia delivers a brief biography of “the son of Bolivia” Evo Morales, who probably is the most important and fascinating political figure in Latin American in the twenty-first century so far. It recognizes that Evo Morales’ government is the most important political movement in modern Bolivia, and that Evo Morales played a fundamental role in the establishment of …show more content…
His objective is to preserve a genuine image of Evo Morales, the real person, not a fake image of the president, neither that of a saint of the poor in Bolivia (that in deep he is). The way how the book is made does not relentlessly expose Evo 's flaws. Instead, it reports the details in a matter of fact way, warts and all.
Martín Sivak does not take any position on how present Evo Morales in his book while he is recording Evo Morales’ life in his daily bases.
He recognizes Evo as a human being worry of his people rather than another political worry in his hands. Sivak acquires acknowledgment of personal, national, political and economical matters of Morales and his administration by traveling with him. His administration focused on the implementation of leftist policies, poverty reduction, and combating the influence of the United States and transnational corporations in the Pluranational State of Bolivia. As a democratic socialist, he is the head of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) political party. In order to understand how efficient and productive Evo Morales and his administration are, which is my position in this paper, we need to ask ourselves questions such as: In what way was Evo Morales an alternative political in Bolivia? How is Evo Morales different from previous presidents of Bolivia? How effective is his administration to claim that it has
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