Analysis Of The Poem ' Exposure By Wilfred Owen

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The poetry written in World War I was mostly dark and told of the terrible conditions of the war. The poetry shows how the soldiers suffered and struggled through unimaginable conditions. The conditions of the weather and battle were often brutal and uninhabitable; yet the soldiers endured these conditions. Nature was often a slow and painful killer. War is a constant in an ever changing world. It is easy to see that fighting is an almost futile attempt to conquer and prevail. The poetry from the war can express the pain of war in a beautiful manner. Through writing the authors can share the pain of what they experienced at war. The difficulty of war is viewed differently through the eyes of these two narrators, and while one views nature as the true enemy, the other sees the loss of people back home as the hardship. The point of view a person has is often shaped by their life experiences. The reader can see how war can change a soldier’s ideals as they experience it. In the poem Exposure, Wilfred Owen writes about the mental toll war takes on the human mind. He writes about how the soldier is “worried by silence, sentries whisper, curious, nervous but nothing happens”. This shows the soldier’s paranoia during the night. The soldier’s cannot rest even though it is quiet, because they are afraid of what they cannot hear. Their paranoia is taking over their minds and making them nervous about what is to come. Owen tells us how the cold and slightly changing conditions wear and

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