Analysis Of The Poem ' Fandom Of The Walking Dead '

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For my ethnography project, I chose to study the fandom of The Walking Dead. For the purpose of this paper, I will refer to The Walking Dead as a comic, a video game, and a TV series. The focus of this ethnography is to understand how the comic book culture influences many fans. Since the series is based on a graphic novel series, and some of the fans are schooled in comic culture; they arrive with literacy in comic storytelling. Others who are not fans may recognize the visually and narrative of zombie films, in the horror genre after 1968’s Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. Yet, many Walking Dead fans appear to have migrated to the zombie tale without any particular connection to the comic book storytelling, or…show more content…
The narrative became so popular that it has reached into video games and novelized interpretations. The series does depart from the comic’s origin narrative in some forms. Introducing new characters, such as the Dixon brothers, is one example. Yet, in many ways, the series transforms the tale more through the appreciation of the apocalypse and compelling a visual story about how human face disaster. The series’ popularity raises the ethnographic question of, why people are drawn to this particular tale and fandom community.

The Walking Dead fandom perhaps on some levels harbors a deep-seated fascination with macabre that has often been projected onto the imagination of supernatural creatures. The word zombie comes from numerous folklore traditions. It is best described as a lack of moral judgment and self-control. In this picture, you can see Michonne exploiting these two zombies through a legion amount of zombies. Michonne was trapped and running out of food when she noticed walkers do not attack one another. Eventually she came up with a plan to survive. She could camouflage her way through without any worries. Michonne hacks off the arms and lower jaws of the zombies. Then she chains them up by their necks to use them as escorts for an escape. The reasons behind this method are simple. Without their arms and mouth, the zombies essentially lose their purpose. That is what The Walking Dead is all about. It makes the character make
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