Analysis Of The Poem ' Fences '

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Youssef Tawakol
6/2/2016 Symbol of Fences: Defying Reality

August Wilson’s Fences, is a dramatic play that spotlights on the attributes of black life in the mid to late twentieth century and emphasizes the strains of society on African Americans. Focusing on the lives of normal African Americans, the author also recognizes the significance of the family ties and how they relate to the society. He mentions symbols such as sports and fences in the story to relate to many topics mainly all of the topics pile up to the prism of race and its impact on the lives of typical African Americans at that time. Wilson uses the symbol of fences in his play, physically and mentally, in numerous occasions to symbolize protection, Rose and Troy Maxson’s relationship, and Troy 's fight against Death in order to convey the characters ' incapability of facing reality. Throughout the play, Rose manifests the symbol of fences as a mean of protection for her loved ones and from her own problems. Rose was portrayed in the book as an ever-dutiful wife who cares about her family and loved ones more than anything. Troy for example sometimes acts as a jerk around her but she sets him straight and when he makes sexual remarks in front of company she tells him to stop it therefore Rose is portrayed as very caring and
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