Analysis Of The Poem ' Food History '

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Daniel Preiato Intro to Food History
Prof. Berg & Olsen Fall 2014 History of Olive Oil and its Prevalence In Spain

As the ALSA bus rounded each curve, I looked out to the olive trees that spread as far as the eye could see, their straggly branches performing an ancient charade. Their geometric arrangement upon the hilly plots of arid land was picturesque. It was summer in Andalucía, Southern Spain, and the hot Spanish sun beat down vaporizing any bit of moisture left by the morning dew. As the bus pulled over at a rest stop I was able to get a closer look at the olive trees. The slight scent of ripening olives filled the dense air. As I entered the small rest stop I saw several jars of various types of olives as well as olive oils for sale. There sat an old man muttering as he drizzled peppery, local olive oil over his toast, "Aceite de oliva, todo mal quita,” nodding at me philosophically. This translates to “olive oil cures all ills.” It was then that I saw within the Spanish culture the visceral importance of the olive tree and the precious oil it yielded. ~
The olive tree is considered an integral part of human life and a central one in Mediterranean cuisine, Spain in particular, from the first existence of humanity. This tree has satisfied the many basic needs of man 's daily life, not to mention its spiritual ones. It has left a grand impact on the basic aspects of civilization including mythology, ecology, philosophy,…
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