Analysis Of The Poem ' Four Time Pulitzer Prize Recipient Robert Frost '

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Four time Pulitzer Prize recipient Robert Frost was an American poet who was exceedingly popular in the twentieth century. It’s easy to assume that almost every American with a high school equivalent education has heard of or read his work. Which I had before this class, although I had never really taken an interest in poetry or any poet in particular until this semester. As we grow older our perception of the world and the components of it change, this was the case for my newly found kinship with Frost. His calming and insightful words have become a beacon of worldly advice for my current perception of life. Three particular poems that infiltrated my heart and bound themselves to my conches; The Road Not Taken, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, and Dust of Snow. The Road Not Taken was published in 1916, almost 100 years before I would read and find direction from his words. On the first read through I knew that this poem would soon be a favorite of mine, as it is for so many other people. This is understandable because of the poems timeless nature about an age old question, which path do I take? Throughout life we are faced with choice after choice, these choices form the route that becomes our life. So choosing your path when it comes to a fork in the road is a crucial part of where you end up and who you become. In the first stanza frost outlines an important factor of making a choice:
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be
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