Analysis Of The Poem ' Frost At Midnight ' By Samuel Coleridge

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Hunter Hullett Professor Leeman ENGL-1102 April 15, 2016 Explication of “Frost at Midnight” The poem titled “Frost at Midnight” by Samuel Coleridge is about the relationship between the environment and imagination. In this poem, it reflects the relationship between children and the natural world. The speaker explores throughout the poem how the individual’s mind mirrors the natural world, and this shows how the mind replicates patterns around them. After all, it ends up portraying the relationship between adulthood and childhood. They both are linked to the speaker 's memories. The importance of the poem is imagination. The poem begins with the speaker awake and alone sitting by the fire. The speaker is the only one awake in the household at this time of the night. He sits by his son, and he reflects on the frost falling outside. The speaker remains alone and quiet, and this silence is so complete that he can not think clearly. The speaker 's loneliness is represented by the “owlet 's cry”(Coleridge 2). It also enhances the peacefulness of the cottage. He reveals within the setting that he has lived a long lonely life and has been left behind by people that use to be present in his life. These feelings caused him to regret the way he had lived his life. As he began to feel more lonely, he noticed he was bothered by the serenity of his infant son. He believed the individuals life remained and had always been unpleasant. These couple stanzas establishes the meter for the
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