Analysis Of The Poem ' Giant Dreams, Midget Abilities ' By David Sedaris Essay

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Expository Essay Analysis: “Giant Dreams, Midget Abilities
David Sedaris is a popular comedic autobiographer who delivers intelligent and slightly embellished satirical content inspired from his memoirs and personal experiences. Sedaris’s short story “Giant Dreams, Midget Abilities”, is a magnificent mastery of his humorous writing style. The story is about David’s experience of him and his sisters being forced to take music lessons because of their father’s maniacal obsession to start a family jazz band. David eventually finds himself taking guitar lessons with the unique individual, Mr. Mancini, a midget. David and his teacher have a unique dialogue and references towards his guitar, which makes David feel like an outsider and uncomfortable, keeping secret “screwball” thoughts to himself. His guitar teacher’s disdain for him coupled with lack passion and interest ended his brief uninterested flings with the guitar regardless of how his father felt. People will honor an individual’s interest if the person means that much to them, however, there is always an end to the humor if the interest is not reciprocated. Sometimes an obliged imposition can create situations that make the imposed feel like an outsider in their own way. Personal interest and identity may not be the standard or acceptable in the positions they were forced into therefore, as a response, a superficial persona is created to camouflage true feelings. If the passion for a subject is nonexistent to someone,
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