Analysis Of The Poem ' Grandmother '

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Chapter 1: Grandmother is introduced, she was beautiful and became the concubine of a warlord. A concubine is a women who lives with a man but is not considered his wife, and has a lower status than his wives. The author describes her beauty. She has an oval face and bound feet. Bound feet are a tradition in Chinese women. The warlord, who the grandmother is married to, buys her a house with servants. She hated being a concubine. One of the warlords’ wives invited her to the Warlords funeral and she declined. I think this chapter is outlining Chinese culture. Also its giving us some background knowledge of the family. Chinese women had little opportunities to think for themselves. They live in a world set towards there future. Chapter 2: Dr. Xia falls in love with grandmother. Grandmother returns the feelings for Dr. Xia. Dr. Xia proposes to Grandmother and she accepts the proposal. Grandmothers’ father is unhappy but blesses the marriage anyways. He arranges them to have a traditional wedding. Dr. Xia’s family is extremely mad at the married couple. Grandmother receives all kinds of harassment from his family. A lot of drama occurs from the wedding. The eldest son commits suicide, but they still have the wedding. This chapter reminds me of a love story. I feel like it’s not normal for the father to bless a marriage that he doesn’t like. The drama that follows the marriage is INTENSE. Chapter 3: Grandmother and her new husband, Dr. Xia, moved to Manchuria. They begin to

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