Analysis Of The Poem ' Grapes Of Wrath ' Essay

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3.. The tile itself is an allusion to a biblical reference. The line “Grapes of Wrath” comes from a Hymn, songs sang in churches, titled “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” The journey that the Joad family goes on is a biblical allusion to the Exodus Journey. All the parts of the Journey can be traced back to the Bible. When the drought that stops the family from working in family comes to the journey to california and to working in california. The farm because their prison like the prisoners of the Pharaoh, and their journey to run away from the Pharaoh and to the Promised land can be seen throughout the entirety of the book. Although it might not be that obvious, the tale of Noah’s ark can be see through the family as they go from one car to another throughout the journey. “Noah stood on the ground looking up at the great load of them sitting on top of the truck.” (The Grapes, P. 84) Jim Casy can also be seen as Moses. Casy acts as a leader and helped the Joads start a new life much like moses who guided people out of Egypt. Joads “resurrection” as Jim Casy can also be alluded to the Bible. Ma joad can also be seen as the Virgin Mary From the Bible. She reveals her strength and is very selfless and knows her morals. Rose of Sharon can also be seen as the Virgin Mary. Rose of Sharon is very humble and helps many people throughout the journey and shows selflessness and humbleness. The allusions to the Bible is very important in this novel because it helps deliver that

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