Analysis Of The Poem ' Hey ' Wake Up '

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"Hey, wake up." A voice was calling for him. The voice seemed strangely comforting to the boy, but he was unable to tell who it was. The boy tried opening his eyes to see the face of the individual that was calling for him. All he was able to see were strands of black hair before the exhaustion plaguing the boy 's body absorbed all the energy that was needed to keep his eyes open and he plunge into a deep slumber. *** "Sweetie, can you wake our little boy up?" A feminine, yet nostalgic voice called. "Give me a minute, honey." A masculine, but also nostalgic voice replied. Where have I heard these voices before? They sound so familiar, yet distant. It was something that had been fresh in the boy 's memory, but had been forgotten. Wait, where am I? I can 't seem to remember anything. It feels like I 'm asleep, but at the same time I 'm not. I 'm laying on something hard and it seems to soothe my body. Just where am I? Creak. Another creak. Footsteps. Someone was coming, and was coming towards him. He was beginning to become of afraid of the person coming towards him as he did not know who it is nor did he know if that person has any ill intentions. "KK, wake up." The man 's voice called. No, it can 't be... The only people that called him KK were his parents. The man placed his hands onto the boy 's shoulder giving him a squeeze, "Rise and shine!" "Father!" The boy blinked open his eyes and threw what seemed like a blanket over. A look of disbelief spread over
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