Analysis Of The Poem ' How Of Tame A Wild Tongue '

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The essay, “How to tame a wild tongue” written by Gloria Anzaldua is a staggering piece on important social issues such as racism, cultural differences, individuation, and domination. Anzaldua believes that her language is yet the most central and important component for her ethnic identity as a person. If her language is threatened, then her individuality is threatened. She basically responds to the violence she experienced as her character was restricted in this dominating society that she was trying to adapt in. Anzaldua used quotes from various scholars who feel the same way about the society as she did about language, identity, racism, and cultural imperialism. Additionally, her writing was based on personal experience which enriches the essay with credibility since the reader is able to get the experience first handed by the victim of these crimes. Furthermore, as an immigrant myself, I was attracted to this essay because I could relate to many of the topics she covered. I also saw this as a way to compare my experience with hers’ so I could see how much this society has improved overall. I was gulped in the essay by the use of metaphor in the beginning of the essay which created this interesting curious vibe that grasped my attention. A dentist visit was used metaphorically to describe the struggle between her identity and the society. The doctor symbolized the society, and her tongue represented her identity as it was trying to survive in the restricting society

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