Analysis Of The Poem ' Howl '

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Historic Analysis of ‘’ Howl ‘’ ‘’Howl’’ was a poem written by Allen Ginsberg in 1956. For us to understand the poem it is necessary for us to understand the history behind the poem. ‘’ Howl ‘’ was published in 1956, right after the devastating World War II. After WWII that’s when the American dream was in full force throughout the whole world. Many Immigrants were trying to migrate to the US at that time for a better living. At the same time media was becoming big and powerful gaining trust from citizens while television was on its peak being the most important part of the media growth as it exported an immense number news to consumers. While Americans were busy with the new experience of having, news transmitted to them on the comfort of their houses, others worked hard to get a movement started, from the streets, to the bars at night. A group of poets would gather together to express their arts of literature written by them. Ginsberg’s ‘’ Howl ‘’ was Beat generation’s first heartbeat, as the poem was first performed at Six Gallery in San Francisco in 1955 it was the moment when Beat generation was built. As the poem was published in 1955 with the City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco, the poem was considered one of the best American poem to be performed. The members of that movement were professional writers although ‘’Howl’’ was the first foremost Beat generation work to be printed. The beat generation style of writing was something different that nobody had the guts

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