Analysis Of The Poem ' I Like Him '

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“It’s a pleasure to have you here. I’m sure Rick will waste no time in showing you around.” The man smiled kindly at Michonne as he dismounted his horse. “Will you be joining us for supper this evening?”
Rick quirked an eyebrow, his eyes filled with mirth. “Will you?”
“I don’t know. You guys probably...”
“Nonsense.” Hershel waved her off as he handed Rick the horses reins. “We will all love to have you. I insist you stay for supper. How else would you meet the rest of the Greene family? I will see you both at six-thirty.”
She and Rick exchanged a look as Hershel ambled toward the house. “I like him.”
“Me too,” he sighed. “The Greene’s are great people. I’m glad I met them.”
“Oh Rick?” Hershel called from a few yards away.
“Did you hear
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It was my pet away from home.”
“I love how casually you say that as if it’s not the coolest thing in the world.” They entered the stable, passing two stalls with horses inside, before stopping at the third. He opened the stall to let buttons in. “I bet you learned how to ski in the Alps.”
Michonne pressed her lips together trying not to give him the indication that he was right on target. She learned to ski at a ski resort in the Swiss Alps. “Maybe.”
“Are you serious Tipsy?” He shook his head. “The Swiss Alps.”
She threw her hands up defensively. “My dad was the ambassador to Switzerland and I’ve attended four different boarding schools. A ski trip in the Swiss Alps was a given.”
“I can honestly say, I’ve never had a friend like you. I feel like an uncultured hillbilly.”
“Oh stop.” She cut her eyes to the entrance of the stables. “So, are you going to show me around or not? I’d prefer to have my tour before the rain comes pouring down.”
“So demanding,” he grumbled jokingly, taking her hand in his and leading her out of the stables. “What can I show you first? I’m not sure what kind of impression I’ll make considering you’re a world class traveling princess. You’ve probably seen it all.”
“What’s over there?” She pointed to a small stone path near the side of the house.
“Are you a mind reader Tipsy?” His blue eyes twinkled with delight. “That’s actually one of my favorite places here.” He tugged on her hand. “Come on. Hold on to your sketchbook, we’re going
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