Analysis Of The Poem ' Judith Of Bethulia ( Brine, Ciletti And $ 86 )

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INTRODUCTION The poem Judith illustrates the executing of Assyrian general Holofernes by Judith of Bethulia (Brine, Ciletti and Lähnemann 86). The poem looks at Judith as a woman of morals, courage, and religious conviction, and her character is portrayed as virtuous and blameless. Judith returns victorious to her city after killing the mortal enemy, and her people proceed to win the battle against their foes (Brine, Ciletti and Lähnemann 86). Thus, the poet gives an opportunity to witness the efforts of the poet trying to fit a female into a setting of men in the society. The poem majorly focuses on heroism and the main styles are looked at with respect to themes within Judith poem. Judith’s beauty is adored and symbolized throughout…show more content…
Though giving Judith the military role may be a deliberate choice by the poet. The clearest indicator of the poet to portray Judith as a military leader is his use of contrast. The poet depicts Holofernes as the epitome of evil. In contrast, Judith is depicted as pure goodness (Brine, Ciletti and Lähnemann 98). Therefore, the two characters directly oppose each other. The two groups represented by Holofernes and Judith, the Assyrians and Bethulians are also contrasted via a clever use of traditional heroic language. It is natural to see Judith as everything that a commander needs to be. For instance, on the night preceding the battle between the Bethulians and Assyrians, Holofernes calls the senior soldiers of his army to a feast. Certainly, Holofernes does not know that the Bethulians will attack the following day, but a military commander probably would not allow all of his soldiers to be made drunk (Brine, Ciletti and Lähnemann 100). In the same instance, the poet refers to Judith’s battle is fought on a bed against an unconscious man and not on the battlefield. Is Judith’ act is not heroic as Holofernes passes out after drinking too much. She does not kill Holofernes in the heat of battle, but rather in a quite cold-blooded fashion. Judith’s actions are very personalized and private, in contrast to male heroes. The poet stresses the secretive environment of Holofernes’s tent and bed. The

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