Analysis Of The Poem ' Judith '

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Judith was an angel you could say. Her dainty legs and pale skin even seemed to suggest that. Anyone who ever laid eyes on her would tell her that she was the most beautiful girl they had ever seen. She half-smiled to herself as she remembered this. It was almost sunrise. Her tower always saw the first few seconds of morning. She lived alone but she was fine with that because she had recently been getting visitors every few days. Judith tiptoed over to her vanity and took a seat on her stool. Her chestnut brown hair glimmered in the mirror as the sunlight bounced off of it. She tucked some dangling strands of hair behind her ears and dipped her fingers in the cool bowl of water to the right of her. She patted her face clean and her hands…show more content…
Standing in front of her vanity, Judith started to rip and tear at the pages and only kept the important pieces in hand. She slipped them into crevices of the mirror and used the warm, sticky liquid on her mirror to glue some pictures to it. She got up to look at what she created but flinched instead at the sound of something rolling across the floor behind her. She turned around only to see a man, with wide hazel eyes, crouching in the corner of the room. Judith examined him closely before going anywhere near him. She let her eyes wander from the ends of his soft blonde hair, across his face, down to his gallant body which was covered in simple beige rags. She studied him some more and her mouth watered the more she stared. He broke the silence with a quiet voice. “My name is Ronan-” he took a breath, “You’re fine, now that i’m here.” Judith watched him as he look around cautiously. She licked her lips and replied, “What do you mean?” Ronan leaned his back against the wall and scratched his head. “I’m here to save you?” He said questioningly. “From what?” He looked down at the floor and panic filled his eyes just as it did when she first saw him. “Please come here.” Ronan whispered almost too quiet for her to hear. Judith ignored him and head back down to the kitchen remembering her tea and breakfast. She kicked aside a few items in her path and looked behind her as if asking him to follow. Ronan shook his head in disbelief. “This girl doesn’t fear
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