Analysis Of The Poem ' Katherine Mansfield '

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Introduction: Katherine Mansfield was a well acclaimed author born in 1888. Her literature was in the form of short stories spanning no more than several passages long. Many dub her as an innovator in literature for her distinctive use of realism and symbolism which at the time was foreign to short stories and writing in general. Most authors at the time fabricated fictional worlds with fantastic characters in their stories but Mansfield was more interested in writing and emerging her audience into stories about realistic people in everyday environments facing internal struggle,which gained her much attention. Many of her pieces are also autobiographical as they subtly reference many moments and mixed emotions that Katherine had…show more content…
Ms Sheridan and her family are almost unconsciously obsessed by all things pristine and beautiful, which is where Laura stands outs. She begins to see a new type of world that she was originally timid of as she was permitted to stay away from people of less fortune. But after she encounters the workmen preparing the marquee and witnesses there unexpected unintimidating kindness she instantly turns a new leaf. Appearance also plays a big part in society, if you are not well received at first glance or dress in a specific way, you will most likely be stereotyped before you even introduce yourself. Its an arrogant act that is still very present today. A prime example of this is where Laura complains to her sister Jose about canceling the party due to the very recent death of a local working man. Joses response, “You won 't bring a drunken worker back to life by being sentimental” and Laura then “furiously” replys with “Drunk!, who said he was drunk! ”.Laura is very empathetic were as Jose is arrogant and blinded by the fantasy .Laura is constantly battling between her open minded mentality and materialistic upbringing

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