Analysis Of The Poem ' Knock The Knock ' And ' My Papa 's Waltz '

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By Raef Diaz [or use whatever format you are supposed to for your name]
Shattered families are a common theme in poetry. They are especially present in the poems "Knock Knock" by Daniel Beaty, "My Papa 's Waltz" by Theodore Rotheke, and the lyrics to "Papa 'z Song" by Tupac Shakur. These powerfully depict the psychological and physical tolls that abusive and absent fathers can take on families and especially children.
"Knock Knock" relays the story of a little boy whose father was present in his life until he was imprisoned. The little boy doesn 't understand prison, he wants to reach out to his father but cannot. "I jump out of my mama’s arms and run joyously towards my papa Only to be confronted by this window. I knock knock trying to break through the glass, trying to get to my father. I knock knock as my mama pulls me away before my papa even says a word." And as the years pass, his father is no longer a factor, no longer there to mentor and guide him as he grows to adulthood. This is painful, since he once wanted to be like his father but now can barely remember him. "Papa, come home because I decided a while back I wanted to be just like you. But I’m forgetting who you are."
Rather than losing hope, the boy (who is now a young man) decides to use his ability to write poetry as a way to heal. He imagines his father has written him a letter, answering his questions. And since his dad is not available to him, he decides to father and mentor himself. Beaty wants his…
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