Analysis Of The Poem ' La Malinche '

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La Malinche went from being interpreted as a chingada to a chingona (a badass). The historical interpretation of Maliche as a weak and fatal historical figure is an example of a patriarchal (machista) way of interpreting history, due to the fact that patriarchy is ingrained in the Chicana/o culture. In opposition to the patriarchy, contemporary Chicana/o authors like Lucha Corpi and Michael Nava through their work challenge it and offer a reinterpretation of previously neglected historical figures. With Gloria’s transgression into traditional masculine spaces as a Chicana detective and the reinterpretation of La Malinche, Corpi in Black Widow’s Wardrobe makes justice to Malinche for the agency that she was deprived off by past historians, like Octavio Paz’s giving her a mislabel of la chingada. In a similar matter, Nava in The Hidden Law with a queer lawyer that steps outside the traditional masculine roles and chooses to stop reproducing the machismo cycle, challenges the patriarchy. With the inclusion of la malinche and Chicano masculinity the authors challenge the patriarchal Chicana/o tradition while reconstructing and recovering history. In Black Widow’s Wardrobe, Gloria Damasco as a Chicana detective transgresses into a traditional masculine profession proving that women are capable to do an equal or better job than men. Historically most protagonists of the detective novels have been male, while female characters are portrayed ether as hysterical or as the damsel in

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