Analysis Of The Poem ' Little Red Cap ' Essay

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13 English Literature. 3.8 Develop an informed understanding of literature and/or language using critical texts TOPIC: To what extent does Carol Ann Duffy present a feminist perspective in the poem ‘Little Red Cap’. “The history of women has been a history of silence.” (Hillary Clinton, 1995, Beijing) This powerful statement from Hillary Clinton underpins the injustices of female representation in the past. This silence is evident in the Bible verse, ‘Let your women keep silent in the churches,’ (I Corinthians 14: 34-37) and Virginia Woolf’s concept that “Anon … was often a woman [who could not otherwise get the respect of male counterparts].” (Virginia Woolf, 1928, A Room of One’s Own. PAGE). These are only two examples of how females have been largely disempowered by the male constraints of literature. In recent history feminists have deemed it necessary to research the lost and forgotten females and retell history from a distinctly female perspective. This issue is of significant concern to Carol Ann Duffy, the current Poet Laureate. Duffy subverts fairytales, myths and historical stories to empower women, giving them a voice and allowing their stories to be heard. This essay will argue that Carol Ann Duffy presents a feminist perspective in the poem ‘Little Red Cap’. The Poem ‘Little Red Cap’ is based on the storyline of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, originally titled ‘Little Red Cap.’ This initial story by Charles Perrault and later the Grimm Brothers was a cautionary
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