Analysis Of The Poem ' Looking For Alaska '

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One hundred thirty-six days before. We meet a loner, though not by choice but circumstance, named Miles Halter. He knows there is more to the world than just the little, uneventful excuse that has made up his years thus far. His unique hobby of memorizing last words may contribute to Miles sense of urgency in seeking the “Great Perhaps”(Green 5). He needs something more, something that challenges him. Looking for this, Miles goes to Culver Creek boarding school, where he finds his perhaps in a girl named Alaska Young, and this is where the book Looking for Alaska’s story begins to unfold its intricate layers of narrative. Though it is possible for a middle schooler to read this book, themes such as intimacy, suffering, and closure resound…show more content…
With these two interactions we see the differences of physical intimacy vs. emotional intimacy. Even though Alaska and Miles where never physically intimate, besides a quick kiss, the emotions flowing through him as it happened where much more lively and intense than when Miles had his “hog smoked” (Green 129). When Alaska falls asleep atop of Miles that same night, he says, “I love you Alaska Young” (Green 131). Love is something Miles never expresses for Lara because they lacked the emotional intimacy that Alaska and Miles shared. Now whether or not sixth graders would comprehend the complex theme of intimacy is not likely. The book requires the reader to understand intimacy in a context pass the inert idealism of middle schoolers and most high schoolers. Just because someone is sexually active does not mean they fully grasp the emotional connectivity that two people romantically share. Even though a sixth grader could definitely have the ability to read the words in this book, it’s likely that a central theme needed to understand Miles actions later in the book would go completely unnoticed by someone so young of an age, in fact it nearly went over my own head whilst reading. Two days after. “We should have stopped her” (Green 19), said Miles, two days after the death of Alaska Young. The girl who became his obsession, who gave him a sense of emotional intimacy, the girl who he
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