Analysis Of The Poem ' Lullaby '

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The Tone
Lullaby is a love story with a personal and universal touch. The author tells of his love with his special someone, sleeping gentle in his arms. The writer reflects on a moment in time, the feeling for romance, and the childhood years. Then in a twinkle the author thinks of how time can have an impact on the human structure. For instance, the innocent beauty of a child, will at a point in time, fade with the passage of years. Hope for romance, love, and beauty is not lost on the author. In the writer’s mind, whatever happens during the passage of time, sickness can destroy one’s beauty, we all someday be consumed by death. The author paints the impression of love as a universal language that is engages everyone, the galaxy included. The writer sets the tone to be prepared for such circumstances, but until death his lover’s beauty is intact.
The Structure
Lullaby has no clearly defined structure. Each stanza in the poem presents different ideas ending in diverse thought process. The meaning in each stanza is clear in relation to what the author may be thinking.
The Analysis
Lullaby is Auden’s expression of love in various forms, taking into consideration personal and universal love, the diverse moods of love and romance. The poem was written in the 1930s, having an engaging tone pouring over with love, with no clearly defined rhythmic structure or form. Lullaby consists of four 10 line stanzas.
Stanza one addresses personal love, with the…
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