Analysis Of The Poem ' Mark Strand '

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Jamie Wiederholt
Mrs. Carson
AP Literature
8 December 2015
Mark Strand
Mark Strand once said, "For some of us, the less said about the way we do things the better."(Strand). In this he might have been referring to his poems. He wrote straightforward surrealistic poems about the nature of life with ambiguous speakers. It is common to see in his poems a story being told without actually telling one. In this way there is a sense of who the speaker is, who the poet is, and a peculiar train of thought expressed with very precise words.
Mark Strand was greatly influenced by his time period. The influence of surrealism, a popular form of art in the twentieth century, is prevalent throughout his poems. Mark Strand states in his poet laureate interview that he wished to be like the other poets of his time. He was influenced by Wallace Stevens and Lorca when he was a college student at Yale. In college, he started as an artist and ended as a poet (Nordhaus). His poem, “ Eating Poetry” expresses his love for poetry in a curious way, “I have been eating poetry”(3). To help bring to light his own personal feelings, he uses surrealistic imagery. He enjoys poetry to an extent that words cannot express, but he does the impossible with this poem when he expresses his enjoyment through the consumption of poetry. “Their blond legs burn like brush”(11), the dogs being described in this quote represent the freed self in an animalistic way, while the librarian in this poem represents a more
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