Analysis Of The Poem ' Me Talk Pretty One Day '

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INTRODUCTION --- Precis In the essay “Me Talk Pretty One Day”, David Sedaris, American humorist and writer, recounts the hysterical/hilarious story about his experience while learning French in France at the age of 41. Sedaris develops his story providing a detailed narrative of what it is to be a foreign student in a French school taught by a very impatient and not so encouraging French teacher. Using comic exaggeration, Sedaris makes his essay not only quirky and bold; but interestingly appealing because it is an entertaining portrayal of his learnings. 4TH sentence: From his hilarious, somewhat painful, everyday experiences learning a new language, the intended audience of this essay is anyone who have learned, or is learning, a foreign language and can relate to the struggles and difficulties that go along with this experience. ADD THESIS STATEMENT HERE? BODY PARAGRAPH 1. Sedaris essay is simple, incisive, and flows well. Its sarcastic, humorous tone is used across the essay and the use of all three rhetorical appeals, pathos, logos, and ethos make it even more interesting to read. Ethos is clearly the most used not only because the story is based on his personal life experience, but also by showing the unusual, painful way he starts to really understand French. Throughout the story, he paints a vivid picture of his nerve-racking interactions with the teacher and her insults. ALTHOUGH Sedaris, like his classmates, were massacred with severe criticism from the
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