Analysis Of The Poem ' Me333- ' A Machine Design '

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Carleton Ellis ME333- A Machine Design Dr. Bednarz Group 4 Adam Misiura- Hydroponics Michael Fleck- Paint stripper Chris Piechota- Anti-Knock Gasoline Lucas Farrall- Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil Carleton Ellis was born September 20, 1876, he was raised in Keene, New Hampshire. He continued his higher level of education at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The inventor and pioneer in the field of organic chemistry later then set up a laboratory in Montclair, New Jersey where he continued his research and creating patents. In total Mr. Ellis has 753 patents, one of the highest amounts of patents for any individual. “He invented important methods of cracking crude oil as well as methods for synthesizing isopropyl alcohol and acetone. He invented lacquers for automobile paints and developed processes for applying plastics… He was also an early proponent of hydroponic plant growth” (Bowman). Overall Carleton Ellis is not too well known of an inventor but has more than seven hundred patents. He is attributed to helping out in both the World Wars because of his inventions in the field of organic chemistry. Mr. Ellis has so many patents that are still being used in today’s society. When people initially think about paint, one of the first things to pop into their heads is “irremovable” or “stuck there forever”. Carleton Ellis, of Montclair, New Jersey however thought of a way through chemistry to safely remove paint from a surface without damaging the underlying

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