Analysis Of The Poem ' Most Sajjad Khan '

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Well past 11 PM, guests after dinner started moving, exuberant Sajjad too moved but his sixth sense made him conscious - the roving eyes of Benazir. Yes, it was Benazir, who on her first encounter with Sajjad felt mesmerized by his personality, mannerism and orientation. When out Sajjad looked back at the bungalow of Brigadier Khan, found two beautiful eyes were still prowling after him from a glass window half covered by curtains. Next day early morning, both Benazir and Sabina with Chikoo, started unfolding the gifts. Wao ...... a loud exclamation from Benazir the moment she unfolded Major Sajjad’s painting. Fantastic, its’ beautiful, the man who has painted too should be a man of finer tastes. She tried to find, who is this painter? On a small card it was described: “To. Brigadier Khan & his better half – let this day never forget to come, let we all cherish this day”. Major Sajjad Khan – Baloch Regiment. This put Benazir in a dilemma, a soldier and a painter too. Combination was difficult to understand. The painting, the sophisticated and vibrant colours, fascinated her so much that she decided to put it in her own room and recognized Major Sajjad – the man, whom her eyes pursued right to his exit. Dr. Benazir and Dr. Sabina Khan herself a doctor of Gynaecology were in the same hospital, both were childhood friends living close by and both use to go to the hospital together in a Chauffeur driven car. One day while going to the hospital, both saw Major Sajjad doing

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