Analysis Of The Poem ' Murder ' By David Baker

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In the poem ‘Murder’ by David Baker, the author tells of how he survived a heartbreak that was so painful, that he compared it to murder itself. The poet had described the woman as a woman whose beauty was beyond compare. He had loved this woman with all his heart, and when she ended their relationship, it was like the murder of his heart, which was now shattered and aching. Towards the end of the poem, the author comes to a realization with his heart ache. He realizes that he loved her so much, that he has to let her go before holding on to wat they had ruins his life. ‘Murder’ was publishes in 1994 and consists of 519 words, 97 lines, and multiple stanzas filled with the poets’ heartache. David Baker was born in Bangor, Maine in 1954. Throughout his career, he has won multiple awards and fellowships. He was the editor of the Kenyon Review and has been a visiting professor at multiple colleges. Baker is a faculty member in the M.F.A (master of fine arts) program for writers at Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, North Carolina. After reading the poem, one might wonder whether or not the poet has experienced such a heart-rending experience himself. ‘Murder’ can be compared to the movie The Fault In Our Stars because like the poem, the main character goes through a heart break that they thought would ruin their life, but in the end the character was able to get through the rough patch and keep it in their memory. Even though the characters in the poem are not as clear as

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