Analysis Of The Poem ' My August Guest ' By Robert Frost Essay

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Paper #1: Formalist Analysis The term “formalism” refers to a critical approach that analyzes, interprets, or evaluates the features of a text. These features include not only grammar and syntax but also literary devices such as meter, and metaphor. The formalist approach does not pay attention to a text 's historical, biographical, or geographical context. A formal analysis, is the formal analyzation of a text. This paper will delve into the formal analysis of two distinct poems, written by different authors. The emphasis will be on the physical elements, or structure of the poetry, less on the meaning. In the first poem “My November Guest” by Robert Frost, we will discuss the formal analysis, which includes the style, metre, rhyme, figurative language, etc. In the second poem “You Called Me Corazon” we will discuss the formal analysis as well. In Robert Frost’s “My November Guest”, the first thing you will notice about the poem is that it consists of four stanzas, (a stanza is the proper name for a verse) with each stanza containing five lines, (the poem contains four lines per stanza, also known as a quatrain). A poem with five line stanzas is referred to as a quintet. Inside the lines of the poem, there is evidence of iambic tetrameter. Meaning, there are four iambic feet (refers to groups of unstressed, and stressed syllables constituting a metrical unit), per line in this poem. Tetrameter, is a verse of four measures. In iambic tetrameter, an unstressed syllable is

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