Analysis Of The Poem ' My House '

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“I am so perfect so divine so ethereal so surreal. I cannot be comprehended except by permission.”. (Giovanni,1). Nikki Giovanni is an infamous poet who expressed African American excellence in her writing. In 1972, Giovanni issued a collection of poems called My House, which aimed its attention to children. In the collection was a poem named in Ego Tripping illustrating African ancestry and excellence. The poems title figuratively suggests Giovanni tripping over her own extremely large ego. However, the title of the poem does not relate to the poem itself. Moreover, the poem was published in a time where racial tensions inclined after the civil rights movement. As a civil rights activist, Giovanni used her own distinct weapon against…show more content…
She possesses no flaws and compared to others, who are non-black and are not of African descent. The speaker is confident in her ethnicity and knows her essence is no like any others in the world, which is why she takes such pride in being african. Furthermore, the speaker continues to take pride as an African goddess when she shows her distinction from others. According to Nikki Giovani, in line 47 she argues “I cannot be comprehended except by permission.”. In this line, she’s stating how she is too complex to be understood and compared. As a black goddess, her presence alone holds an unexplainable magnitude. When one is of African descent, there is a sense of pride because of the amount of aesthetics the African culture obtains. Giovanni uses the tone of the speaker to assert her pride as an African American. Ego Tripping does not contain any pauses which provided a sense of enthusiasm. The continuous flow of the poem creates a tone of confidence and assurance while speaking on African American ancestry. Giovanni attempts to show the power of being a part of African culture. The power of African culture and its people is also discussed with African ancestry. Giovanni uses an African goddess as her speaker to indicate the power of African people as a whole. The use of a supernatural being to indicate the power African culture. Throughout the poem, the speaker states how she has contributed to the worlds most renowned
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