Analysis Of The Poem ' My Last Duchess ' By Robert Browning

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In the Enlightenment period including up until as late as the late 1900s, women had very little importance or even say, in fact none at all, in any matter, whether significant or not. The Enlightenment era followed the time of Renaissance and the creation of the printing press, which made it really easy for any person to share their own philosophies. During this time, a plethora of individuals decided to write about almost anything and everything there was to write about. Whatever came to the minds of these select few went from a thought in their minds to written on paper. With this being said, most chose to write about current things that were happening during their time of existence in the Enlightenment time period. Emily Dickenson; Robert Browning; and Jamaica Kincaid are three of many talented writers who along with all of the things they wrote about were the issues that woman faced throughout time in history. Emily Dickenson wrote the poem 303 which talked about a woman who chose to empower herself; Robert Browning wrote the poem My Last Duchess about a woman who was ruled over by the same man who killed her; and Jamaica Kincaid wrote the poem Girl which elaborated on the ways a woman should behave and conduct herself accordingly in almost any situation that is heaved in her path. In the poem 303 by Emily Dickinson, the woman being expressed about has to choose the characters that she associates with in her ample nation. She also selects to not let any one, specifically

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