Analysis Of The Poem ' Nine Days Later '

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Nine days later Gray, nimbostratus clouds blanketed the L.A. skyline, the promise of rain becoming more of a threat with each passing hour. However, the bleak, November day suited Tom’s pensive mood, the impending storm mirroring the tumultuous thoughts brewing within his mind. After countless cups of coffee and only three hours’ sleep, he was on edge, caught in a web of his own making. He wandered in aimless circles around the living room floor, his pinched face showing clear signs of agitation, his heart thumping rapidly in his chest. For the tenth time in less than five minutes, he glanced at the clock, unsure if he wanted his visitor to arrive or not. But despite his apprehension, he knew he needed to face his demons, and a gloomy…show more content…
“Hey, Coach, thanks for coming.” The hard lines trenching Fuller’s brow softened, erasing years from his face. “It’s good to see you, Hanson,” he murmured, his gaze taking in Tom’s appearance. “You look… better.” Embarrassed, Tom ducked his head, the memories of their last meeting filling his mind. Teetering on the edge of a breakdown, he’d refused to reveal what had occurred at the Pi Tau hazing, and his reluctance to talk had been a pivotal moment in their relationship. From then on, he’d avoided contact, preferring to relinquish his gun to Penhall rather than to the man who had an uncanny ability to read his thoughts. But all that was in the past. The time had come to face the captain who had helped mold him into the outstanding police officer he had once been. Fuller’s guidance had been invaluable, and although awkward, Tom knew he owed his friend the apology he deserved. After closing the door, Tom motioned Fuller to the couch. Once seated, he cleared his throat in readiness before speaking in a voice trembling with regret. “Cap’n, I just want you to know I never meant—” “Take a seat, Hanson.” The command caught Tom off guard, and he instinctively obeyed his superior without questioning his demand. Moving over to the nearest chair, he sat down, his posture stiff and formal. Unsure how to behave, his hands twisted in his lap, his nervous disposition sending ripples of tension
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