Analysis Of The Poem ' Of Modern Poetry ' By Wallace Stevens Essay

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Taking a broad view at one of Wallace Stevens’s poems shows clues that Stevens believes in Heraclitus’s theory. One poem in particular, “Of Modern Poetry,” is a good example of Wallace Stevens work because it is about the subject matter of poetry (Gallagher In the poem it is obvious that neither Wallace Stevens or his poems will tell you what they are about until they have been heavily studied, and this is a major component of the Heraclitus theory because it is not straight forward and requires that the reader think critically to uncover the answers (Gallagher The poem “Of Modern Poetry” also talks about “in twenty-eight lines, broken into three sections by indentation rather than by space-breaks or numbers, he covers the state of poetry in the past; spends the larger portion of the poem on prescriptions for the present; and, in the last four lines, presents the only “must” that modern poetry must live up to” (Gallagher This break down of the poem is another huge piece of evidence toward the belief that Wallace Stevens was a Heraclitian theorist because believes believed in the past and in the
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