Analysis Of The Poem ' One Sunny Day ' Grace '

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One sunny day, Grace family was having a cookout at her house. Grace is a cranky 8 year old the always gets her way! It was really nice outside so all of Grace’s cousins and her siblings were riding the go karts and and four wheelers in the giant backyard except for Taylor and Tori. Taylor and Tori were Grace’s oldest sisters, Taylor is 19 years old and Tori is 17. They were the ones making dinner because all of the parents were at a restaurant together while the kids stayed home. Taylor and Tori were making hot dogs and mac and cheese because that is Grace’s favorite dinner. Grace and her cousin Sierra were riding the little four wheeler and Grace’s younger sister was and her other cousin, Lilly were riding in the go kart. Emily, Grace’s…show more content…
They walked outside onto the deck which leads to the patio and Gabbie and the little kids like, Brooklyn, Noah and Alexa all sit at the small metal table on the patio. Lilly, Grace and sierra all sit at the small picnic table on the deck and Emily, Luke, Taylor, and Tori all sit at the main table on the patio. Taylor and Tori were the ones serving the food so Tori asked, “ who wants their food first?” “ ME!” Grace exploded out. They went inside to go get the food and Grace couldn’t wait! “ I can’t wait for my food!” Gabbie said. “ Well I’m getting mine first so you are going to have to wait.” Grace bragged. “ Taylor and Tori have been inside for almost 25 minutes!” Gabbie whined. Even Emily was starting to complain! Grace said it felt like a year before year before they came outside but Grace over exaggerates all the time. “Ugh!” Luke complained. Before Grace burst out into tears she screamed, “ I CAN’T WAIT ANYMORE!” “ Calm down!” Emily shouted at Grace. The door opened and Grace yelled, “ What took you guys so long?” “ Tony ate all of the food, so we had to make more.” They explained. “ That silly dog!” Sierra said. They must have forgotten that Grace want all of her food first because they walked over to Lilly and gave her the mac and cheese and hot dog. Grace was furious! “ I wanted all my food first!” Grace yelled. Oh yeah, sorry.” Taylor said. They walked inside and got Grace a hot dog and mac and cheese and walked
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